Injured In A Slip-And-Fall Accident At Work? We Can Help.

Did you slip or trip and fall while on the job in Louisiana? It may be absolutely critical to promptly report this accident to your employer. If your injuries turn out to be disabling — for a modest period of time or long term — you must take action and protect your right to workers’ compensation benefits.

Please Do Not Underestimate Your Condition After A Fall

Falling accidents are nothing to dismiss and nothing to joke about. They are a leading cause of hospitalization and ongoing health problems. In many cases, people who initially think their injuries are minor find that they are much worse the next day and in days to follow. In some cases, serious orthopedic injuries, head injuries and other consequences lay people up for months or even end their working lives.

You Deserve A Lawyer Who Takes Your Claim And Your Worries Seriously

At Laurie W. Maschek, Attorney at Law, LLC, in Slidell, Louisiana, we focus all of our professional energies on fighting for the rights of injured workers. You can turn to us with confidence after any fall in the workplace or other on-the-job accident, whether you live locally or commute from Mississippi. Important considerations for you may include:

  • Your right to workers’ compensation benefits generally does not depend on fault for the injury-causing accident. You do not have to prove that unsafe conditions caused your fall.
  • If you are worried about getting fired or other retaliation from your employer for reporting your injury, we will advise you and defend your right to fair treatment every step of the way.
  • In Louisiana, you have the right to be diagnosed and treated by your own doctor. Placing your trust in a nurse/case manager or other insurance company representative is a major risk.

No-Risk Legal Guidance · Get The Information And Advice You Need

If you are wondering whether you need to consult a workplace slip-and-fall injury lawyer, you should make the call to our firm now: 985-792-2650. We offer a free initial consultation, and you will pay no attorney fees at all if we cannot help you get benefits. When we succeed — and our success rate is high due to attorney Maschek’s rigor in upfront analysis and knowledge of the system — you will pay only a percentage of back-due benefits as capped by law.