Repetitive Use Injuries: A Lawyer You Can Trust

Some workplace injuries that are legitimately disabling do not occur suddenly in a fall or while lifting something heavy. The development of carpal tunnel syndrome — a well-documented medical condition in which inflammation and pressure cause severe pain and weakness in workers’ hands and wrists — is one excellent example. In other situations, workers have debilitating back, knee and other conditions that finally become too much to endure.

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If you have been diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome or have suffered another serious workplace injury in Louisiana, we want to know about it at Laurie W. Maschek, Attorney at Law, LLC. If you reported your injury and have run into problems getting workers’ compensation benefits, experienced lawyer Laurie W. Maschek will know what to do. You can also turn to us for clear, upfront advice about filing your workers’ comp claim properly.

Severe repetitive stress injuries most commonly affect:

  • Factory workers who perform assembly and/or use the same tools and instruments — such as scissors — hour after hour and day after day
  • Data entry workers and other office workers who spend virtually all of their work time typing on computer keyboards

Diagnosed With Carpal Tunnel? Has Another Injury Reached The Critical Level?

Once carpal tunnel injury reaches a certain level of severity, the only options may be extended rest and time off work or surgery that is somewhat risky and unpredictable. While we understand that your pain is absolutely real, you should also know that workers’ compensation insurers often deny and dispute repetitive use injury claims. Ms. Maschek will offer practical, realistic guidance and fight zealously to get you the medical treatment and benefits you badly need.

Our firm will be an equally valuable resource if you have an injury that developed over time and finally “blew out” to the point where you simply could not keep working. In any such situation, we encourage you to contact us right away to protect your rights.

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