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Whatever your occupation and job duties, a neck or back injury can be devastating. It may be impossible to lift, twist, carry or even sit or stand without extreme pain. If your injury occurred on the job, report it promptly and get qualified medical attention. If it could lay you up for weeks or longer, you should definitely contact Louisiana workers’ compensation lawyer Laurie W. Maschek.

Applying 15 years of experience dealing with all aspects of the workers’ compensation system, Ms. Maschek will talk through your situation with you and explain your rights. There is no cost for your initial consultation — and you will pay no attorney fees unless you receive benefits.

Skilled Representation At Any Point In The Louisiana Workers’ Comp Process

The steps required to file a workers’ comp claim properly, get necessary medical treatment paid for and receive checks for lost wages are intimidating for most people. Attorney Maschek will advise you and protect your rights from day one or fight for your benefits if you have run into problems dealing with your employer or insurer. It is important to know that:

  • Problems involving herniated and dislodged disks, nerve impingement or any spinal cord injury are often extremely challenging to diagnose.
  • Some neck and back injuries can be treated effectively with a few doctor visits, medication and possibly physical therapy. Others ultimately require neck or back surgery, and some cause permanent disability.
  • These complex issues often create disputes over the seriousness of the injury, the individual’s ability to work, doctors’ opinions and the right course of treatment.
  • Your decision to hire a proven workers’ comp lawyer could make a critical difference in your recovery and your family’s financial well-being.

If you are looking for a highly experienced back and neck injury attorney near Slidell or New Orleans, a call to our law firm is the right move. Laurie W. Maschek has a strong understanding of such injuries and knows the right neurosurgeons and other specialists to see. She has helped many people get all the workers’ comp benefits they deserve.

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