Legal Help For Workers Who Have Suffered Knee And Shoulder Injuries

Workers who lift and carry materials, drive and operate equipment, and perform other strenuous physical activities are especially susceptible to knee and shoulder injuries. Falls and various other accidents can seriously injure anyone working in any occupation. If you have a torn rotator cuff, a torn knee ligament or meniscus, fracture or any comparable injury, working through the pain may be out of the question.

Suffering Due To A Sudden Accident Or ‘Wear And Tear’ Over Time?

You should report any work-related injury to your employer as soon as possible. Even if your condition was a problem you knew was worsening gradually, you must note the exact circumstances and time when your body part finally gave out and the pain became unmanageable. You may need surgery and be laid up for months or find that you are unable to return to your job at all.

Get Clear Guidance And Real Help Obtaining Workers’ Compensation Benefits

If you must miss work for any significant period and may need costly medical treatment, obtaining all available Louisiana workers’ compensation benefits will be critical. The best way to protect your rights and future is to get counsel from a focused, dedicated workers’ compensation lawyer.

Laurie W. Maschek will know exactly what to do in your case. She is a compassionate, tough advocate prepared to:

  • Provide clear, direct guidance and assistance for filing your claim if your work accident just happened — with emphasis on important do’s and don’ts
  • Help you form realistic expectations about the workers’ compensation process, benefits you can receive and other aspects of your case
  • Contact the insurer directly and take further action such as filing a dispute (appeal) if your claim has been denied, you are not getting proper medical treatment, your checks are not coming, or other problems have come up

You can depend on Ms. Maschek to prioritize your concerns whether you work on the North Shore, in the New Orleans area or any other area community. After a work-related arm, shoulder, leg or knee injury, a Slidell-based lawyer you can trust is one call away at 985-792-2650. We will provide a free initial consultation, and you will pay no attorney fees at all unless we successfully get benefits for you.