Standing With Families After Fatal Work Accidents

If you have lost a family member in an on-the-job accident, the grief and devastation you feel are tremendous. You may also have to face serious worries about your financial stability and future. Based in Slidell, experienced fatal work accident lawyer Laurie W. Maschek will offer genuine empathy and the rigorous representation you may need to secure all available benefits under Louisiana workers’ compensation law.

The Compassion And Strong Representation You Need After A Tragic Loss

If a work accident caused or led to your loved one’s death on the North Shore, near New Orleans or elsewhere in Louisiana, Ms. Maschek will analyze the circumstances and walk you through the process of obtaining benefits. She will know your rights under the Louisiana Workers’ Compensation Act or the federal Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act if your loved one was a maritime worker. She also has the broad legal experience necessary to evaluate whether you may be able to pursue a separate wrongful death action against someone other than the employer.

Essentially, Louisiana law provides for benefits, in the form of a set percentage of the deceased person’s average weekly wage — plus a one-time funeral benefit — to be paid to:

  • The surviving widow or widower (continuing for life or until remarriage)
  • Dependent children (continuing until age 18 or up to 23 for those who attend college)

When the deceased worker had no dependents, parents may be entitled to a significant one-time benefit. In some cases, dependents who do not precisely fit these categories may also be eligible for benefits. Ms. Maschek has extensive experience handling these claims from both the insurance and grieving family’s perspectives. You can count on her to consider every angle and maximize the amount you receive.

Work-related deaths do not always occur instantaneously in a fire or explosion, structural collapse, fall from heights or motor vehicle accident. For example, an accident that causes brain injury may aggravate or lead to psychological problems that ultimately lead to death. We have pursued complex fatal injury cases like these and prevailed for our clients.

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