Helpful Information About Workers’ Compensation Claims

Did you suffer a serious, painful injury while on the job in Louisiana?

Has your employer or its insurer failed to acknowledge the severity of your injury, delayed or denied the workers’ compensation benefits to which you are entitled and basically left you without a profession and livelihood?

Has a relative, friend or loved one sustained a catastrophic injury while working, causing his or her family to rely on permanent disability benefits? Has someone close to you died from fatal injuries at a Louisiana work site, or offshore?

You deserve better for your hard work and loyalty. You deserve justice. In Slidell and Greater New Orleans, the lawyer with the experienced representation that gets results in workers’ compensation claims cases throughout the state is Laurie W. Maschek, Attorney at Law, LLC.

Her experience — and legal skills, creative strategies and client focus — can help you win your case.

Laurie W. Maschek is a lawyer who specializes in workplace accident injury claims for the hard-working citizens of our state. She has achieved positive outcomes for clients with injury claims involving cardiac problems, chemical exposure, repetitive stress injuries and mental duress, injuries from heavy lifting, carpal tunnel syndrome, slip-and-fall accident injuries and wrongful death.

Our caring attorney has shown that she can and will work with any employee for the justice that they deserve — even an illegal alien who possesses employment status. Regardless of your background, if you have been injured on the job and your employer fails to recognize it, you need the benefit of Laurie W. Maschek‘s experience, advocacy and reputation for results.

Laurie W. Maschek‘s expertise and efficiency are as close as your phone: 985-792-2650. You may also e-mail our full-service workers’ comp law office.

One of the most important things you need to know, if you have been injured, is that you need to report your claim right away. Many people don’t bother to report an injury accident right away. An employer or insurer can seize on this oversight, to its advantage.

You should also know that your first benefit check should arrive within two weeks from the day you notify your employer. This check includes compensation beginning on the eighth day after your injury. Permanent disability compensation may be determined upon your ability to return to work or after recovery.

You can have complete confidence in our lawyer’s ability to protect your rights. For years, Laurie W. Maschek has worked directly with insurance companies and employers. She understands how the system works. Her many appreciative clients count her as a friend.

Laurie W. Maschek also realizes something very important that many attorneys don’t realize: There are penalties — harsh ones — for employers who don’t react properly to workers’ comp claims. Laurie understands work injury law and uses this knowledge to your advantage, to try to win maximum benefits for you.

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