The Advantages Of Getting A Lawyer’s Help For Your Workers’ Compensation Claim

For most people injured on the job in Louisiana, navigating the workers’ compensation process is a foreign, one-time challenge. If you cannot work for weeks or longer, you are almost certainly entitled to benefits — but you may not know the steps required to get them. You may have great difficulty getting the medical care and money you deserve.

Determined Protection Of Your Rights From Day One

You can turn to Laurie W. Maschek — a lawyer based in Slidell who handles cases throughout greater New Orleans and many Louisiana parishes — for clear guidance and strong representation at any point after a workplace injury. Applying more than 15 years of experience in this complex area of law, she is passionate about helping people get all the benefits available to weather very traumatic times.

We Fight Unfair Claim Denials And Help Maximize Benefits For Injured Workers

The question “Why hire a workers’ comp attorney?” is one we can answer with confidence. You should not worry about when to hire a workers’ compensation attorney, either. We will help you protect your rights when pursuing your initial claim or an appeal.

The first thing you should know is that you can consult with Laurie W. Maschek free of charge — and you will pay our firm no fees unless we help you get benefits. Also consider that:

  • Workers’ compensation insurance companies use many strategies and tactics to deny claims, close them out as quickly as possible, and avoid paying for costly medical procedures.
  • However helpful they may seem, insurance adjusters and nurse case managers are not on your side. They are ultimately focused on protecting their company’s profitability.
  • Negotiating on your own, rather than working with a lawyer, is extremely risky. You may unknowingly make statements that will be used to deny your claim or stop your benefits.
  • Even when you do get workers’ compensation benefits, that money may be dramatically less than your wages when working. We work hard to ensure that our clients claim and receive all available benefits, right down to mileage expenses for doctor visits.

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