An Experienced Workers’ Comp Lawyer Standing Up For Your Rights

If you have been injured performing work duties in Louisiana, there are very specific steps you must take to claim and receive workers’ compensation benefits. These include reporting your accident and injury to your employer promptly. For any injury that will cause a week or more of lost work, employers are required to notify the Office Of Workers’ Compensation (OWC) within 10 days.

Unsure What To Do After A Job Accident? Problems With Your Workers’ Comp Claim?

Unfortunately, people injured on the job in Louisiana run into many problems getting their rightful benefits for as long as they need them. Unfairly denied work comp claims are just one serious concern. In other cases, people have great difficulty getting the quality medical treatment they deserve.

The more serious your injuries, the more important it is to get reliable legal guidance early in the process. If any dispute arises, you should consult a focused, experienced lawyer. For additional information of interest, see our pages on:

Slidell workers’ compensation claims attorney Laurie W. Maschek will step in to help you at any point after a work injury on the North Shore, in New Orleans or any surrounding community.

Fighting For Justice · We Know The Appeals Process Inside Out

Ms. Maschek knows every viable solution for dealing with denied workers’ comp claims and other such problems. She will contact the insurance adjuster directly in the effort to negotiate fair and just handling of your claim. If this step does not yield favorable results, she will:

  • Initiate the appeals process by filing a carefully prepared written dispute with the OWC
  • Prepare your case rigorously for mediation
  • Take your workers’ compensation dispute to trial before an OWC judge if mediation fails to produce an agreement

Employers and insurers may argue that your injuries are less severe than they actually are. They may take a position that you injured yourself, were intoxicated, or for other reasons. They may take surveillance videos or go to other extreme measures to prove you are physically able to work.

Whatever your exact situation, you need a lawyer who will fight rigorously to protect your rights. For a free consultation, contact us now at Laurie W. Maschek, Attorney at Law, LLC.