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Posts tagged "Workplace Injuries"

Worker safety guidelines for robotic workstations

Many manufacturers and warehouses in Louisiana and across the United States are increasing their reliance on robotic workstations. These robots require specific approaches for worker safety because their automatic and sometimes fast movements create risks for serious injury and even death.

OSHA reveals stricter enforcement policy for health care workers

Health care professionals in Louisiana may be happy to learn that OSHA has revealed a stricter enforcement policy that promises to address the primary hazards that they face in their occupation. The new policy requires that federal inspections in hospitals, residential care facilities and nursing homes focus on a minimum of five main hazards no matter the initial purpose of the assessment.

Recycling industry dangerous for workers

Louisiana workers may be shocked to learn that experts have found that recycling work is hazardous to workers' health. In fact, 17 recycling workers died around the country between 2011 and 2013 in workplace accidents. A recent study revealed that those who work in the recycling industry are twice as likely to suffer workplace injuries than people in other industries.

Double risk of workplace injuries for temp positions

Temporary staffing by businesses is on the rise, and peer-reviewed evidence suggests this could be bad news for Louisiana residents seeking employment. When full-time positions are hard to find, job seekers may be recruited by temp agencies as a way to build experience and gain references while earning a wage. The growing field of temporary work, however, has proven to be more hazardous to employees than traditional positions.

Lousiana health care workers may get help from OSHA

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, out of all U.S. private industries, health care has the highest rate of workplace injury. OSHA noted that dangers like workplace violence, slip-and-fall accidents, lifting injuries and exposure to a number of hazardous diseases and pathogens contributed to a higher overall frequency of occupational harm or illnesses among professionals like nurses. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported that in 2012, the rates of workplace injury in care facilities and hospitals were each significantly higher than in other occupations.

Animal and insect bites at the workplace

Louisiana workers in outdoor job environments likely are aware of the prevalence of insects, snakes and other vermin at certain times of the year. However, even those who work indoors sometimes are injured as a result of bites. Louisiana employers can reduce the risk of injury by identifying potential threats and minimizing the risks.

Revised rule improves workplace accident reporting to OSHA

Let's say that you work for a company that is in the industrial sector, and part of your job is to work with heavy machinery every day. You're highly skilled at this job and you've received extensive training, but even the most highly skilled and trained employees aren't immune to being involved in an accident.

Does workers' compensation cover my inability to do my old job?

Many Louisiana families may depend on one spouse’s wages as their sole income. It is, therefore, not uncommon for them to experience anxiety when considering potential workplace injuries that may cause disabilities and long periods of absence from work. Although there are conditions and limitations to the benefits paid by the workers' compensation insurance fund, it aims to provide financial aid in a fair and reasonable manner. Every work-related accident is unique and assessed individually, but there are some basic rules for eligible workers.