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Preventing work-related hearing loss in Louisiana

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, hearing loss is a prevalent health condition suffered by older people in Louisiana and around the country. Statistics have revealed that 24 percent of employed people who have suffered hearing losses did so as a result of workplace noise exposures. All together, 11 percent of the workforce has suffered hearing losses.

Filing a claim after a construction injury

Residents of Louisiana who work in the construction industry may be interested in the laws regarding construction accidents and how to file a claim in the case of on-the-job injury. Injured workers have a choice of filing a workers' compensation claim or a personal injury claim if the injury was caused by someone else. A workers' compensation claim can be filed after any work-related injury no matter what the cause of the injury was.

Does workers' compensation cover my inability to do my old job?

Many Louisiana families may depend on one spouse’s wages as their sole income. It is, therefore, not uncommon for them to experience anxiety when considering potential workplace injuries that may cause disabilities and long periods of absence from work. Although there are conditions and limitations to the benefits paid by the workers' compensation insurance fund, it aims to provide financial aid in a fair and reasonable manner. Every work-related accident is unique and assessed individually, but there are some basic rules for eligible workers.

Be prepared to appeal your denied workers' comp claim

Even though filing for workers' compensation can be a complex process, it also may seem that an injured worker should have no problem in acquiring workers' comp. He or she has been injured in a serious workplace accident, and all the injured worker wants is the financial coverage he or she should be entitled to under workers' comp to help them get by during this period of recovery and rehabilitation. Without that workers' comp an injured person (or his or her family) could struggle financially for a long time.