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The 2nd annual Fall Safety Stand-Down will be held in May

Construction worker falls on the job are the number-one cause of death in the industry. Due to this preventable cause of fatalities and other construction work injuries, the second-annual Fall Safety Stand-Down has been announced and will be held from May 4 to 15. This call for construction industry safety is the largest occupational safety event in the United States.

Construction accident claims life of 29-year-old

In our last post, we talked about construction accidents. More specifically, we talked about the "Fatal Four," which are four prominent factors in fatal construction accidents. One of these four factors is "falls," which are always a concern on construction sites. Many construction employees have to work at precarious heights while using powerful machinery. This can lead to missteps or falls, and these can be fatal.

What are the 'Fatal Four' and how can they be prevented?

Did you know that in 2012 there were 4,628 workers that died on the job? That figure, cited by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), works out to roughly 3.4 worker deaths for every 100,000 full-time employees. It also means that on average 12 people die every day as a result of something that happened at work.