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Industrial Workers' Accidents Archives

Debate rages over hiding names of deceased workers

On Aug. 25, the names of thousands of workers who died on the job were removed from OSHA's website. Three of the victims were killed while they were welding a 30-foot tank for the Packaging Corporation of America in Louisiana. The men were thrown 200 feet when the tank exploded.

Man sues companies after son is killed in explosion

On May 10, it was reported that the father of a worker who was killed in an explosion that occurred in a Louisiana plant in February filed a lawsuit against two companies associated with the plant. It was found that unsafe working conditions may have caused the explosion to occur at the paper packaging plant. The man had only been working there for several days when the accident occurred, and he left behind a 16-year-old son.

Workplace accident kills man while working on refrigeration unit

Industrial workers in Louisiana are continually exposed to hazards in the workplace. While employers have a duty to provide safe working conditions, they are also required to keep their employees informed and aware of potential hazards that can only be avoided by practicing safe procedures. Employers and supervisors should avoid a workplace accident by monitoring workers at all times, to ensure that even safety procedures that may seem insignificant are not disregarded.

How many fatal occupational injuries occur in Louisiana per year?

Fatal occupational injuries happen everywhere, and no matter where they occur, these injuries are devastating to the individual, obviously, and his or her family. They also affect companies, communities and many other aspects of society. If only we could completely eliminate fatal injuries from occurring in the workplace -- but of course that pipe dream will never come true. Some jobs are just inherently dangerous, and when a mistake is made or a negligent condition caused an accident, the incident needs to be reviewed to try to prevent future accidents from happening.