Louisiana’s industries and their employee injuries

| Jul 7, 2020 | Workplace Injuries |

Louisiana sits on the Gulf of Mexico, highlighted by Mardi Gras, jazz, the Mississippi and the unique southern bayous. Our state runs deep with history and culture.

Forbes reports that the biggest industry in Louisiana is in minerals and oil, followed by industries including aerospace, healthcare and tourism. Though these are widely reaching, we can pinpoint a few of the most common injury risks of their workers.

Minerals and oil mining

The biggest industry in Louisiana is minerals and oil. Mining can put workers in harm’s way, with falling materials and malfunctioning equipment posing a big risk. These industries have a higher rate of injuries and occupational deaths than many others. The most common accidents in the oil and gas sectors occur with transportation, contact with objects and fires.


Jobs in the aerospace industry include everything from engineering to physical manufacturing and flight of aircrafts outside of Earth’s atmosphere. This means that workers could be in a lab and possibly exposed to toxicity, building crafts and vulnerable to physical strains, or controlling the aircrafts and vulnerable to crashes.


Healthcare is one of the biggest employers in Louisiana, including receptionists, nurses, doctors, aides, scribes and more. This essential industry can be accompanied by injuries from overexertion, strain, infectious diseases, toxic substances, accidental needlesticks and patient violence.


When you find yourself in New Orleans, Lafayette and many other large Louisiana cities, you will quickly learn that tourism plays a role in our state’s economy. Louisiana attracts many from across the country with vibrant culture and unique landscapes. The tourism industry reaches from fishing and boating to entertainment to hospitality workers. The top injuries for this industry come from strikes by objects, overexerting oneself, falling and exposure to extreme weather.

Louisiana provides worker’s compensation for many injuries that are related to one’s job, protecting our valuable workers. You can report injuries to the state Office of Worker’s Compensation Administration to seek what you need to recover.