11 safety rules for chemical handlers in Louisiana

| Aug 13, 2018 | Workplace Accidents |

Ensuring the safe handling of hazardous chemicals is an essential part of the environment, health and safety field. Employees and employers alike can benefit from considering the following 11 safety rules. The first rule is for workers to perform their duties according to the training they received. Second of all, workers must be alert to any potential hazards when working.

Personal protective equipment is essential, and it must not be worn or damaged in any way. Fourthly, employers should have emergency procedures for times when employers are covered in chemicals or start a fire. The procedures should cover the evacuation and reporting process too. Fifth, it’s critical to ensure a clean work environment. Employees should clean work surfaces once during their shift to prevent contamination.

Before using materials, employees should consult their label and the material safety data sheet. Another rule states that they should do this to identify the properties and hazards. Materials should be in the appropriate container, undamaged and with a legible label. These containers should in turn be stored in a cool, dry, ventilated area. Incompatibles are to be kept apart.

When working, employees should avoid eating and drinking. Using cosmetics or touching contact lenses with contaminated hands is dangerous and should be avoided as well. Lastly, materials should be used only for their intended purpose.

While these precautions can prevent some workplace accidents, other incidents will occur through the negligence of the workers themselves. The victims of such accidents can still be covered for medical expenses and for the income they lose during their physical recovery; all they have to do is file a workers’ compensation claim. A lawyer might assist by consulting medical experts to show that all the reported injuries are accident-related and by mounting an appeal if the claim is denied.