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August 2018 Archives

Amazon warehouse workers report adverse conditions

In July 2018, the Guardian launched an investigation into claims of adverse conditions at Amazon warehouses. There have been multiple claims from former employees that they were treated improperly by management after getting hurt on the job. Many of these workers, some of whom could be in Louisiana, may be left without injury benefits.

11 safety rules for chemical handlers in Louisiana

Ensuring the safe handling of hazardous chemicals is an essential part of the environment, health and safety field. Employees and employers alike can benefit from considering the following 11 safety rules. The first rule is for workers to perform their duties according to the training they received. Second of all, workers must be alert to any potential hazards when working.

Grace period ends for compliance with silica dust standards

Louisiana workers whose duties might expose them to crystalline silica dust should expect their employers to comply with the new safety standards developed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The agency had delayed full enforcement of the rules meant to prevent unhealthy exposures to respirable dust until July 23 for companies showing a good faith effort to comply with regulations. With full enforcement now in effect, employers will need to offer their workers medical surveillance under certain circumstances to detect silica disease early.