Technology can keep workers safe on the job

| Jun 6, 2018 | Workers' Compensation |

An accident doesn’t have to be fatal to have an impact on a Louisiana workers’s health. Accidents resulting in worker injuries can also have negative consequences for employers as it can result in less productivity. According to the CDC Foundation, workplace accidents nationwide cost employers $220 billion annually. However, connected devices could help keep workers safe, especially those who work alone.

The use of sensors, wearable devices and GPS tracking allows companies to create and monitor data in real-time. This data can then be used to see potential hazards and ultimately minimize or eliminate risks. Employees can wear devices that monitor their health as they work in inclement weather or other dangerous conditions. In addition, these tools can monitor a worker’s temperature and heart rate to make sure that they are within safe ranges.

Connected smart devices can also monitor whether an employee is too tired to do a job safely. One product called Wearsafe allows workers to press a button if they feel like they are in danger. After hitting the button, a worker will be connected to an emergency contact who can communicate in an effort to mitigate the danger. A company called Orange allows workers to use their smartphones to get help in an emergency situation.

Those who are hurt in a workplace accident may experience significant injuries that take months or years to recover from. In many cases, injured workers are entitled to apply for workers’ compensation benefits. These funds can make it easier to cover costs related to medical bills and missed work hours.