How to prevent nail gun injuries

| Jun 18, 2018 | Construction Workers' Accidents |

Nail guns are responsible for 37,000 emergency room visits per year in Louisiana and throughout the country. Of those visits, 68 percent are made by workers who are hurt using the tools on the job. In some cases, workers are hurt because a nail was discharged when a person didn’t intend for that to happen. In others, they were hurt because a nail hit a solid surface and ricocheted.

Injuries can also occur if a person is nailing from an awkward position or if an individual ignores safety best practices. Individuals could be hit by a nail if they bump into or otherwise make contact with a gun that someone else is holding. To prevent such injuries from happening, employers should aim to use sequential trigger nail guns. They should also implement a safety plan that includes rules for how and where these guns are used.

In addition to reporting accidents, workers should be encouraged to note any close calls involving the use of a nail gun. This may help employers update their safety training or nail gun best practices to prevent future accidents from occurring. If an accident does happen, employers should provide medical attention as soon as possible. Workers should receive training on a regular basis to keep injuries to a minimum.

Workers who are hurt using a nail gun or for any other reason on a job site are typically entitled to workers compensation benefits. These benefits may make it easier for an individual to pay medical bills while out of work. It might also allow a person to receive a portion of his or her salary while recovering. An attorney may be able to help those who are applying for benefits or who have had their applications for benefits denied.