How Sodexo will address issues with work safety

| Dec 21, 2017 | Workers' Compensation |

Sodexo is a provider of quality of life services that help companies better manage themselves and their employees. Business owners in Louisiana who are faced with issues concerning worker safety may want to know what Sodexo’s North American branch had to say at the 2017 Safety Leadership Conference, which took place in Atlanta.

The most pressing need, the North American branch’s vice president claims, is that of instilling a “zero-harm mindset” among workers and leaders. This means building the shared work culture anew, changing work and interaction habits from day to day.

The conference specified four main objectives: to develop a leadership and frontline commitment to health, safety and environment concerns; to train employees on proper risk identification, management and prevention; to integrate HSE concerns in all daily operations, including recruitment, buying and selling; and to create a single, global work standard that can be adapted to local regulations. The initiatives revolve around the “P” and “L’s” of safety culture: namely, people and lives.

They tie in with Sodexo’s slogan, which is to be “always chosen and rewarded for making every day a better day.” This relates to an even greater company-wide initiative called Ambition 2025, the goal of which is to improve employees’ quality of life, boost competitiveness, increase productivity and increase value through innovative services.

Even in the face of training and safety initiatives, workplace accidents can still occur. When employees are injured in such accidents, they have the option of filing for workers’ compensation benefits. All they need to do is report the accident to their employer. However, if major negligence caused an accident, the victim may want to file an injury claim. A lawyer can assess the claim and bring in investigators to strengthen it.