How to avoid overcomplicating job safety

| Nov 13, 2017 | Workers' Compensation |

Business owners in Louisiana are often concerned with preventing accidents in the workplace. A lot depends on the effectiveness of the safety program, and it is in crafting these that employers often fall under several misconceptions.

For example, some mistakenly believe that workers are safe as long as they take their time. Faster does not necessarily mean less safe, and rushing is seldom the only cause of an accident. It does, however, lead to workers taking shortcuts and forgetting integral steps. What is missing here is the idea of hazard recognition.

Many employers make a similar mistake in believing that safety is solely about paying attention. This cannot help if workers are not trained on what to pay attention to. The last error is the belief is that employees need only follow the safety rules and wear their protective gear, and everything will be fine. This leads employers to spend more time in keeping workers safe from a hazard than in trying to remove or mitigate the hazard itself.

As a result, business owners start to look on workers as either risks to be controlled or tools to control risks. The remedy, experts believe, is to not overcomplicate matters: rather than governing every move that workers make, employers should lay down true principles and trust the workers to govern themselves.

In the case of workplace accidents, victims can consult with an attorney about how to file for workers’ compensation benefits. Filing won’t require a victim to prove that the owner was negligent. Victims also have the option of filing an injury claim. The lawyer may be able to hire investigators to find proof of negligence: for example, inadequacies in the safety training program that the victim participated in. The lawyer may then negotiate an informal settlement with the business owner’s insurance provider.