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Across the country, no A grades for safety

Neither Louisiana nor any other U.S. state deserves an "A" for overall safety, says the National Safety Council in its June 2017 report on the subject. Across the country, accidental deaths have reached a peak, and the council is urging stronger action to help cut down the risk. The report aims to assess how well Americans in all 50 states are protected from preventable dangers. Accidents and injuries can take place on the road, at home, outside and in the workplace. The NSC says that 140,000 people die annually due to preventable incidents.

Seven states and the District of Columbia received a "B" grade for their safety practices, while 11 more received an "F". The report aims to draw attention to preventable deaths and dangerous accidents.

Road safety and home and community safety were two major aspects of the report alongside workplace safety. In the workplace, the report looked at prevention, preparedness and enforcement for workplace safety regulations. In addition, the report examined workers' compensation laws and other measures designed to protect the health and well-being of employees in the workplace.

The job can be an unexpectedly dangerous place for many workers. Improper training, dangerous equipment and chemicals and poor accident prevention can lead to serious injuries on the job. In fact, the workplace can be one of the most dangerous places encountered on a daily basis, even for people in jobs not normally considered risky. Workers injured on the job could have the right to compensation for their losses. A workers' compensation attorney could help such people with the filing of the required claim documentation.

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