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Recommendations could make manual material lifting safer

The National Safety Council has published a list of recommendations concerning the safe handling and lifting of materials in the workplace. According to the NSC, workers who have previously relied on improper technique may need time before they are consistently able to employ safe lifting practices, which could require reinforcement and training. However, the improper lifting and carrying of materials could lead to injury, so Louisiana workers may want to take note.

Lifting is a complex physical operation, and when possible, the manual lifting of materials should be eliminated. When it is a required part of the job, however, the NSC recommends keeping the materials within easy reach. After checking an item's weight and balance, workers should point their feet in the direction that they are moving, grip the material securely, and then straighten their legs to lift it while holding it close to the body.

NSC also says that good physical condition is an important factor in safe lifting on the job. Having a mechanical lifting aid on hand and asking co-workers to help maneuver heavy items could also lessen the possibility of an occupational injury.

An estimated 25 percent of all occupational injuries may occur in connection with the manual handling of materials. Workers' compensation benefits might be available to those who have been injured in such a manner. These benefits could cover medical bills as well as in some cases provide partial wage replacement. An attorney can often help to ensure that the required claim is complete and filed on a timely basis.

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