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Legal advice regarding workplace head injuries

When people suffer a severe head injury at a Louisiana workplace, it is recommended that they report their injuries to their employer right away. Doing so will not only ensure that they timely file for workers' compensation benefits, but it could also speed up important medical evaluations and tests they may need to understand the severity of their injuries and begin treatment.

Attorney Laurie W. Maschek understands the importance of protecting the rights of Louisiana residents who have experienced a workplace injury. Having handled thousands of workers' compensation claims and appeals through the years, she is dedicated to helping people minimize their work-related injury losses.

Whether an employee experienced a traumatic head injury in a car accident, by slipping on an unsafe surface or from a falling object, the health consequences can be immense. In addition, these kinds of injuries can be difficult to diagnose. In some cases, a worker with a TBI may not even realize it because symptoms often do not surface until much later. TBI victims often suffer with mood swings, memory loss, severe headaches and other problems that can interfere with their daily occupational tasks.

When employees suffer head or brain injuries and file for workers' compensation benefits, they are often unfairly denied or challenged by insurers. Attorney Maschek has assisted a great deal of people who have been injured at Louisiana workplaces. This includes individuals who reside in Mississippi but work in the maritime industry in Louisiana waters.

TBIs are extremely serious and can affect a person's ability to work. Those who have been hurt on the job and have questions or concerns about a workers' compensation claim might want to visit our page on workplace injuries.

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