Bulldozer safety

| Jun 26, 2017 | Construction Workers' Accidents |

Bulldozers are powerful machines that can cause severe injuries and even death if not properly handled. Therefore, Louisiana residents who work with this type of potentially dangerous equipment may benefit from learning some useful precautions to avoid accidents.

Only qualified individuals who have undergone the proper training should operate bulldozers. Those who are operating these machines should always ensure that their seat belts are properly fastened.

Bulldozer operators should follow the proper blockout, lockout and tagout procedures to prevent damaging the surrounding property or harming anyone. Flaggers, or the individuals who act as spotters while a bulldozer is in use, should be posted in areas where barricades and signs cannot be used to adequately manage traffic.

Another component of safely operating a bulldozer is being aware of the possible hazards in the worksite and surrounding areas. The machines should be steered away from water main and overhead power lines.

The bulldozer’s warning devices should be audible throughout the entire worksite. When these machines need to be refueled, the engine should be turned off.

When getting on or off the bulldozer, operators should avoid climbing where there are no specified footholds or handholds. Also, the driver should be the only person on the machine. Under no circumstances should passengers be allowed on bulldozers.

Bulldozers that have not received sufficient maintenance should not be in use. Before each shift, an operator should inspect the bulldozer’s signals, fluid levels and brakes.

Someone who is hurt in a workplace accident may be entitled to receive workers’ compensation. A personal injury attorney may assist injured employees file claims to obtain benefits for injuries they sustained in scaffolding falls; crane, forklift or electrical accidents; machinery mishaps; and more.