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Best practices guide for communication tower workers

Louisiana workers who work on communication towers may be pleased to learn that, on June 1, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the Federal Communications Commission published a best practices guide. This guide is intended to reduce injuries by providing advisory information for tower employees and employers.

As communication devices become more common in American culture, keeping communications towers safe has been becoming more critical than ever. As such, employees whose employers have failed to keep communication towers properly maintained face serious risks every single day. These risks can result in serious, life-altering injuries or death if the work is not performed safely. Because tower climber deaths can be prevented, employers and employees should follow the best practices guide to keep the workplace as safe as possible and to establish a safe workplace culture.

The best practices guide covers a number of topics, including employee training, work site safety practices, investigations into incidents, communication and recordkeeping. For example, the best practices guide recommends that companies should establish a safety and health program that is comprehensive and includes participation from both employees and management. Additionally, it is recommended that companies put a hazard identification and assessment plan into place to help reduce any potential hazards and risks.

Employees who work on communication towers face certain risks every time they go to work. As such, it is incredibly important that employers do everything they can to reduce the risks of injury or death. Victims of workplace injuries might be eligible for workers' compensation benefits no matter how the accident occurred. An attorney can often assist in the preparation and filing of the required claim documents.

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