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June 2017 Archives

When hospitals fail to keep staff safe

As a Slidell nurse, you understand all too well the dangers that are inherent in your job. But, you consistently put your needs and safety second while you attend to patients that need your help. In March of 2010, a nurse at Crozer-Chester Medical Center answered another nurse's call for help, just as you have done many times.

Safety issues at the Los Alamos National Laboratory

Louisiana residents may be shocked to learn that a Department of Energy facility that manufactures plutonium cores for use in nuclear weapons has been accused of reckless and potentially catastrophic safety violations. The Center for Public Integrity studied a raft of documents including several internal reports and came to the conclusion that the concerns of federal prosecutors have been ignored and both workers at the Los Alamos National Laboratory and members of the public have been placed in danger.

Bulldozer safety

Bulldozers are powerful machines that can cause severe injuries and even death if not properly handled. Therefore, Louisiana residents who work with this type of potentially dangerous equipment may benefit from learning some useful precautions to avoid accidents.

Hazard alert issued for oil and gas industry

Louisiana workers in the oil and gas sector may benefit from learning about a hazard alert that has been issued. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the National Service Transmission, Exploration & Production Safety Network and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health united to issue the hazard alert to help prevent deaths caused by the ignition of vapors emitted by vehicles and motorized machinery in that industry.

Inexperienced miners at risk for serious workplace accidents

In Louisiana and throughout the United States, inexperienced workers could be at a significantly higher risk of serious injury or even death. As of June 8, seven coal miners have died in accidents across the United States in 2017. Most of them had less than one year of experience in their job and mine at the time, federal officials have reported.

How to protect workers from silica dust

Each year, over 7,300 construction workers in the United States are impacted by a condition called silicosis. Those who work in Louisiana or elsewhere in the country may be interested to know that there is little awareness of the condition among the general public. Workers develop symptoms by inhaling silica dust, and inhaling the dust may also lead to other respiratory issues such as bronchitis.