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Workplace safety decreases when companies are under pressure

Louisiana workers may be interested to learn that companies that are facing pressure to hit certain earnings expectations may experience more workplace injuries than others. Ultimately, researchers found that one in 24 workers at companies that just meet earnings benchmarks suffer injuries.

Researchers found that there are at least two ways in which the pressure to meet earnings benchmarks can have an impact on workplace safety. For example, some managers may increase employees' workloads by pressuring them to work at faster speeds or for longer hours. They may also overlook certain safety-related measures and expenditures, including equipment maintenance and employee training. Further, employees may also ignore safety protocols or overtax themselves. These unsafe behaviors can result in a decrease in workplace safety.

Researchers also identified three factors that characterized companies that comfortably met their earnings benchmarks. For example, companies with high unionization reported lower injury rates than those who had low unionization. Companies with high insurance premiums also had lower injury rates when compared with those who had lower insurance premiums. Finally, researchers also noted that companies that had government contracts also generally had better workplace safety records. This is because both state and federal governments require companies that submit bids to have maintain certain workplace safety standards.

In the state of Louisiana, employers are required to ensure that the workplace is as safe as possible for employees. Even so, there are certain inherent risks that employees can face. If an employee suffers an injury, he or she may be eligible for workers' compensation benefits, which may cover the cost of the person's medical expenses associated with the injury. Dependent on the circumstances of the case, an employment attorney may help injured workers obtain the benefits they are eligible to receive so that they can continue to pay bills while they are unable to work.

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