Tips for companies looking to update safety rules

| Apr 3, 2017 | Workplace Injuries |

Employers in Louisiana who are attempting to implement new safety programs may benefit from focusing on good communication with their employees. Doing so may help achieve a higher level of buy-in, which may make the programs more effective. Ultimately, employees will understand that changes are being made not to take away their skills but to make their jobs safer.

In addition to communication, employers will need to train and educate employees about the changes that they will experience. In some cases, this may be done by having employees watch videos created by employer or outside safety groups. If an employee breaks a safety rule, he or she should be disciplined for that violation. It will create a paper trail that can be used in the event that OSHA conducts an investigation after an accident of for any other reason.

Employers generally want to comply with safety rules and regulations even if some rogue managers or companies try to ignore them. The same is true for union leaders and managers who may be responsible for directly supervising employees. To increase the odds of compliance, employers should include everyone from the owner down to the newest hire in creating and enforcing safety rules within an organization.

Those who suffer an injury on the job may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits may replace a percentage of a worker’s salary while he or she is out of work as well as pay for medical bills related to an injury. Employers are generally required to carry workers’ compensation insurance, and an employee may wish to talk to an attorney if his or her claim is denied. It may be possible to take action against an employer directly in the event that a company does not carry adequate insurance.