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Safety hazards that are often overlooked

Louisiana workers may have training in safety and health that is specific to their jobs, but there are several commonly overlooked safety hazards that both employers and employees can take steps to correct. For example, some employers might not think of dehydration as a safety and health issue. However, a dehydrated worker could suffer a cardiac problem or heat stroke. Even less serious cases of dehydration might lead to symptoms such as fatigue or fainting. Employers can help by educating workers about hydration and providing water and water breaks.

Stress can be another issue. Workplace bullying, working too many hours, a lack of job security and other pressures can increase stress in the workplace. Employers can take steps to reduce it by having a system in place for reporting and dealing with this issue.

Around 33 percent of on-the-job injuries are because of manual handling issues. These can be caused by lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling and handling heavy items the wrong way. They can also be due to someone working in cramped conditions or doing a repetitive activity. Revamping workplace design and training employees about risks may help.Distractions, including using cellphones and listening to music with headphones, can also lead to injuries. Workers should get breaks and should avoid listening to music so loudly they cannot hear what is happening around them.

When an accident is caused by these types of hazards, an injured worker is in most cases eligible to file a claim for workers' compensation benefits. They may want to talk to an attorney to make sure that they understand their rights and that the required claim form contains all required information and is filed on a timely basis.

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