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Workplace safety for landscapers

Louisiana landscapers routinely face safety risks while performing their job duties. Each year around the country, almost 200 workers who provide landscape services die from workplace injuries. There are some ways that these hazards can be mitigated, however.

Landscapers often work in diverse environments, exposing them to wide range of hazards, such as harmful chemicals, dangerous tools and equipment or dangerous weather. Injuries can occur at any time and may include amputations, slips, falls and cuts. This is why the Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires that all landscapers are correctly trained and that they wear the appropriate personal protection equipment.

Head injuries caused by falling objects can result in traumatic brain injuries or death. There were over 65,000 cases related to head injuries at work in 2012. In 2015, 1,020 workers in a variety of occupations died as a result of head injuries they sustained on the job. Head gear should be worn when workers are working below machines or other workers as well as under or in trees. This applies for any situation in which debris may fall from above.

Landscapers should also take care with how they dress and should focus on visibility and safety. Wearing brightly colored and reflective vests can allow workers to be more visible to motorists. A warning should be placed on the shoulder of the road if workers are working within 15 feet ofa roadway. It is also important to wear hearing protection, safety glasses and footwear that can prevent slips and protect the toes.

Individuals who sustain work injuries may qualify for workers' compensation benefits that can cover medical expenses. An attorney may advise injured workers of other legal options.

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