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Making workplaces safer for Louisiana employees

Annually, more than four million workers suffer job-related illnesses or injuries. In an effort to reduce this number, the U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration launched a program, called Safe and Sound, with the goal of getting businesses to develop and review their health and safety programs.

Some of the most effective ways of making a workplace safer for employees is to be able to identify and control common dangers in a workplace. This can not only improve working environments for employees, but it can also help keep costs under control for employers. OSHA intends to help small and mid-sized businesses be aware that health programs can save money instead of being expensive and time consuming.

To help organizations develop health and safety plans, OSHA has made a number of resources available to organizations for free. Along with information that can be found on the administration's website, which includes their Recommended Practices for Safety and Health Programs page, they are also providing information about common dangers in workplaces, how to comply with safety standards and a variety of educational materials.

In spite of the best efforts of many employers workplace injuries are still all too common. To ensure that people who are injured at or due to their job receive proper assistance, workers' compensation exists. Benefits from workers' compensation can pay for an individual's medical bills and treatments, including medication and physical therapy. Additionally, benefits can also cover a portion of someone's lost wages. A lawyer could assist someone who is interested in filing for workers' compensation by explaining the process and what types of injuries or conditions may or may not be covered.

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