Better workplace safety training can reduce ladder accidents

| Mar 29, 2017 | Workplace Injuries |

Louisiana residents who frequently use ladders at the worksite face the danger of falling while they climb or descend. In fact, every two days within the US, workplace ladder falls result in 180 nonfatal injuries and one fatality. According to a study by the American Ladder Institute in 2016, missing the last step and overreaching are two main causes of ladder accidents.

ALI also found in its study that three-fourths of participants surveyed said that safety training could have led to fewer ladder-related accidents. Therefore, ALI is attempting to raise awareness regarding safe ladder practices via training and various resources. The agency is also creating a national dialogue by launching its National Ladder Safety Month beginning March 2017.

The president of ALI, who is also chief executive officer of Little Giant Ladder Systems, said that effective training can reduce common ladder accidents that transpire at the workplace and at home. He recommended that through training and education, people can be safer by being made aware of what type of ladder they should purchase, how to care for them and how to properly use them. He extended an invitation to the public to get involved in what the National Ladder Safety Month has to offer during March 2017.

Ladder safety training not only works to keep employees safe, but it can also minimize the chances for companies to be cited by health and safety regulators as well. Some of the organizations that have joined ALI in support of National Ladder Safety Month include Amazon, Home Depot, National Safety Council, Occupational Safety and Health Administration and Cosco Home & Office Products.

Workplace safety is the responsibility of employers. Employees who are injured while engaged in their jobs can file for workers’ compensation benefits, irrespective of the circumstances related to the accident.
Source: Facility Executive, “FM Alert: Ladder Training Decreases Citations, Accidents”, February 17, 2017