How to keep job sites safe

| Feb 22, 2017 | Workplace Accidents |

Safety should be a top priority for Louisiana companies that invite a contractor to work on their premises. To ensure that contractors are safe while on a company’s property, all new site visitors should get a safety tour. This will provide information regarding the nearest fire exits, where to go in case of a fire and point out any other safety issues that may need to be addressed.

Built-in ladders may improve worker safety in a warehouse environment by allowing easier access to their work area. Roof access ladders may provide a convenient and safe path for those who need to access that part of the warehouse to do their jobs. Another way to improve warehouse or business premises safety is to keep work areas clean and dry. In addition to preventing injuries, a clean work area may improve productivity.

Employers should follow all applicable health and safety codes to ensure that workers and outside contractors are safe on the job. Following the law may prevent a company from being fined by regulators. It may also save money because an injured worker could represent a major expense, and providing a safe working environment reduces or prevents a worker from getting hurt.

Although contractors working at a job site might be covered by their employer’s workers’ compensation insurance in the event that they are injured, in some cases filing for benefits might be only one way of receiving compensation. If the injuries were sustained as a result of a reckless disregard for safety on the part of the other company, a separate personal injury lawsuit might be able to proceed along with the benefits claim.