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February 2017 Archives

Improving workplace safety for aging Louisiana workers

With the fact that people are living longer, the amount of older Americans in the workplace is increasing, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In fact, in 2015, nearly 23 percent of employees across the country were aged 55 and older, and the numbers could increase to almost 25 percent by 2024. With such an increase comes the need for safer workplaces.

Change in respirable crystalline silica standard ahead

New standards regarding workplace exposure to crystalline silica may come into effect over the next few years for construction workers in Louisiana and throughout the country. However, the standards are facing legal challenges. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, around 300,000 workers in general industry and 2 million workers who directly work with materials containing silica will be affected by the rule. The construction industry is supposed to begin complying with the rule on June 23, 2017. Workers in maritime and general industry as well as most workers in hydraulic fracturing will fall under the rule beginning June 23, 2018. The compliance date for engineering controls in hydraulic fracturing is June 23, 2021.

When to seek help after acquiring a work-related injury

Louisiana occupations which require a lot of manual labor pose risks for workers to be injured. These injuries can happen instantly and may cause extensive damage. You may think that you're able to work through the weakness or pain, but if left untreated you might have to deal with long term disability.

How to use scissor lifts safely

When used improperly, scissor lifts can be dangerous to workers in Louisiana. OSHA has found that most injuries and fatalities while using such devices are the result of insufficient training. When a scissor lift is in use, an employer should make sure that it is stable and that it is only being used by a trained employee.

How to keep job sites safe

Safety should be a top priority for Louisiana companies that invite a contractor to work on their premises. To ensure that contractors are safe while on a company's property, all new site visitors should get a safety tour. This will provide information regarding the nearest fire exits, where to go in case of a fire and point out any other safety issues that may need to be addressed.