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Why timely filing is critical for workers' compensation claims

When you're recovering from an injury at your job, typically you focus mostly on your recovery. Issues like paperwork can be overwhelming and frustrating when you're trying to heal. As a result, many injured workers put off filing necessary paperwork for workers' compensation coverage. Those who delay too long may find their claims contested or even denied, with little recourse available to them.

If you suffered a work-related injury and believe it should be covered by workers' compensation, speak with an experienced workers' compensation attorney as soon as possible.

Report the accident as soon as possible

Ideally, when you were injured at work, you reported the injury before leaving to seek medical treatment. If that wasn't the case, possibly due to the severity of the injury, the sooner you contact your employer, the better. To ensure they work with you, it may help to engage the services of an experienced workers' compensation attorney during the initial filing process. An attorney understands the rules of Louisiana's workers' compensation insurance programs and knows what forms must be filed, as well as what documentation can help substantiate your claim.

File your workers' compensation claim within a year

While you're focused on recovery, the clock for filing a workers' compensation claim is slowly counting down. In general, you only get one calendar year to make a workers' compensation claim. After that time, no matter how serious the injury or massive the medical bills, your workers' compensation claim will likely be denied. Time is critical when it comes to workers' compensation coverage. While the paperwork can be stressful, working with an experienced workers' compensation attorney to execute it can streamline and simplify the process.

An attorney can help ensure you receive the benefits you deserve

Depending on the type and severity of your injury, workers' compensation offers a broad range of benefits, from medical bill coverage to temporary and permanent disability benefits. By arranging to at least have an initial consultation with an experienced workers' compensation attorney, you can build a better understanding of what benefits may be applicable in your situation. This, in turn, can help you determine what to do if your employer tries to contest your claim, or if it gets denied. An attorney can help you appeal that decision.

Whether you've accumulated a lot of medical bills after a slip and fall accident or are missing months of work due to a broken bone, workers' compensation can help you and your family stay financially stable after a work-related accident. If you've been injured at work, report the injury to your employer and contact an experienced workers' compensation attorney as soon as possible.

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