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Preventing injuries when a worker falls wearing a harness

Many Louisiana workers know that arrest protection to safeguard against dangerous falls is often important to ensure safety. However, they may not realize that being suspended in a full body harness may present its own serious risks to the worker's health. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration points out that sustained immobility caused by suspension in a body harness may result in a condition called suspension trauma.

Suspension trauma, otherwise known as orthostatic intolerance, may cause the worker to feel dizzy, sweaty and weak. Fainting and the accumulation of blood in veins may occur. Symptoms might depend on the age of the individual and may occur shortly afterward as the worker hangs suspended. Generally, this condition is more likely to happen if the victim is unconscious. In rare cases, it may result in the death of the worker.

Safety methods may be added to a body harness to lessen the risk of suspension trauma. One method involves providing a foothold, which lessens pressure on the body. This product may be used in conjunction with a body harness and employed when a worker falls, giving the worker the ability to stand and increase circulation while waiting for rescue. Adding a device for self rescue to a body harness, in the form of a backpack, lets a worker lower himself or herself without having to wait for rescue.

A worker who is injured on the job might be unable to work for an extended period of time and face medical bills and lost income. An attorney may assist by gathering necessary information and helping the victim file for workers' compensation.

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