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Preventing arc flash events in the workplace

The potential for arc flash events is one of the biggest safety hazards that electrical workers in Louisiana face. An arc flash event happens when electrical equipment produces high-energy temperatures and pressure. Temperatures up to 35,000 degrees Fahrenheit can be reached during an arc flash event, and the result is often an explosion.

Employers must take appropriate safety precautions to protect workers from the burn injuries and fatalities that can be caused by arc flash events. Most of the safety measures that are used to prevent arc flash events are listed in the Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace. Employers that are in compliance with the electrical industry standard assess the risk of arc flashes in their work areas, provide safety training for electrical workers, give workers personal protective equipment and maintain electrical equipment.

One of the best ways that employers can prevent arc flash events is to update their electrical equipment. Many companies are still using electrical equipment that was built 20 years ago. Older electrical equipment usually lacks modern advances and may not comply with current safety regulations. Factors like corrosion and dust buildup can also make older electrical equipment more likely to cause an arc flash event.

A worker who has been injured during an arc flash event may need several weeks or months off of work in order to recover from their injuries. During this time, an injured electrical worker may be able to pursue wage reimbursement through workers' compensation insurance. If a third party was partially at fault for an arc flash incident, the injured worker may decide to pursue a personal injury claim.

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