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Caution necessary when filing for workers' compensation

If you are a Louisiana employee who has been injured at your workplace, you should carefully follow the application procedure for workers' compensation benefits. Observing the rules could improve the chance of an insurance company approving your claim, but you will also need to exercise caution when interacting with a claims adjuster, co-workers, a nurse case manager and your employer.

The accident that caused your injury should be reported as soon as possible to your employer. Any delay in making the report could cause the employer or its insurance company to challenge the connection between your injury and your workplace. When you need to meet with an insurance adjuster, you should obtain legal representation. An attorney could block attempts by the adjuster to intimidate you into making statements that could undermine the claim. Your attorney could also record the conversation because the adjuster cannot be trusted to document the encounter accurately.

During your medical appointments, you should not allow the nurse case manager to participate in the discussion with your physician. The case manager could apply pressure on the health care practitioner to skip necessary treatments and limit costs. You should also avoid discussing the case with your co-workers, who might report details to management, either voluntarily or under pressure. Insurance companies also sometimes conduct surveillance on injured workers in the hope of catching them in activities that might contradict their claims of physical limitations.

We have extensive experience with helping our clients to obtain their rightful workers' compensation benefits. Our assistance could help you overcome your employer not wanting to give you information about your eligibility or about the types of benefits that you might be entitled to. We can help with the preparation of the required paperwork and communicate directly with the insurance company. If you are interested in learning more about the services that we can provide in this regard, please visit our page on the claims process.

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