Technology’s role in workplace safety

| Nov 15, 2016 | Workplace Injuries |

Workplace safety is not just about preventing illnesses and accidents on the job. It is also about keeping employees safe from violence, and there are a number of things companies in Louisiana and throughout the country can do to accomplish that.

Metal detectors have improved in their ability to detect even very small pieces of metal, and more workplaces have these. These are often used in conjunction with bulletproof glass to protect workers like bank tellers. In addition to hiring security guards, workplaces can also install digital security cameras and motion detector lights. Laser safety curtains can be used to cordon off some areas and keep them safer. With 3D visualization technology, security professionals can anticipate and plan for threats before they happen.

All of these approaches are technology-based, and technology-based solutions can also play a part in other safety areas in the workplace. For example, equipment and machinery may have URL or QR codes placed on them that employees can scan to find out more about how to operate them safely.

Workers’ compensation benefits should be available for an employee who is harmed by an intruder or customer just as they are for people who are injured in a workplace accident or who develop an occupational disease, such as from prolonged exposure to toxic chemicals. In some cases, it may be possible to pursue a separate personal injury lawsuit against a non-employer third party at the same time as a claim is being filed for benefits under the employer’s workers’ compensation insurance coverage. An attorney can often be helpful in coordinating these two separate actions.