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November 2016 Archives

Trenching and excavation work dangers

Construction workers in Louisiana and around the country are often required to perform dangerous tasks, and trenching and excavation work can be particularly dangerous according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Cave-ins pose the greatest threat to workers in trenches or other excavations according to OSHA, but falls, toxic working conditions and accidents involving earth moving equipment can also be fatal.

Lack of warning may put Louisiana mine workers in danger

According to a report from the Labor Department's Office of Inspector General, many worker complaints regarding mine safety issues are not being dealt with in a timely manner. One coal district that covers a large area west of the Mississippi River took 47 minutes on average to tell mine operators about imminent threats. Another five Mine Safety and Health Administration districts took an average of 40 minutes to respond to threats.

6 common questions about Louisiana workers' compensation

Workers who are seriously injured at work likely have a long road to recovery ahead of them. Making ends meet during this time, and getting the medical care they need, can be very difficult without having their normal income. These workers often rely on workers' compensation coverage to handle these aspects of life. That brings up some very important questions about workers' compensation in Louisiana.

Temporary worker safety

Temporary workers in Louisiana can be at risk for on-the-job injuries if the staffing companies that they are working for do not communicate with the host employers about safety. When a temporary worker is performing a job, the staffing company and the host employer both have a duty to ensure that the work environment is free of hazards.