Top 5 mistakes in workers’ compensation claims

| Oct 18, 2016 | Workers' Compensation |

The workers’ compensation system was supposed to make it easy for workers to get the medical treatment and financial support they need after being injured on the job. However, the claims process is complicated and mistakes are very common, including these top five:

5. Not reporting the accident.

It’s extremely important to report a workplace accident immediately, even if you don’t think it was serious. Doing so protects your rights to compensation, while failing to report gives the employer or insurer the opportunity to deny your claim.

4. Talking to an insurance adjuster without a lawyer present.

The insurance adjuster has one goal, and that’s to limit your claim. They may try to do this by getting you to make false or contradicting statements, pressuring you to answer questions you don’t have to answer, or inaccurately recording what you say.

3. Letting a nurse case manager come to your doctor visits.

Nurse case managers often put pressure on the injured worker and the doctor to get the injured worker to return to work sooner than they are able. They also often pressure doctors to not recommend surgery, therapy or more expensive treatments even when they are medically necessary.

2. Acting like you aren’t hurt while out in public.

It is common for insurers to monitor injured workers to see if they are really as injured as they claim to be. That means you should never do anything outside that you wouldn’t want photographed and used against you in your workers’ comp case.

1. Not working with a lawyer

The more serious your injury, the more important it is to work with a lawyer as soon as possible. You need an advocate on your side who you can trust to help you get the compensation and quality medical treatment that you deserve.

How to get the compensation you deserve

Injured workers in Louisiana run into many problems with getting the benefits they deserve for as long as they need them. Oftentimes it’s because they are unfamiliar with the claims process. Working with a lawyer who will make your claim a priority will ensure that you get what you are entitled to.