Protect employees with new safety plans

| Sep 2, 2016 | Workers' Compensation |

Louisiana employees are entitled to a safe work environment. However, employers may not be aware that changes in the work environment are necessary until disaster strikes. A major work accident, sometimes involving death, amputation or other serious injuries, may trigger change.

Many workers’ compensation claims are completely preventable. Some employers, even large ones, fail to apply proper safety standards or to review workers’ safety plans unless there is some catastrophic accident, OSHA citation or other major event that ultimately triggers such change. Employers are responsible for the health and safety of those in their employ and are tasked with allocating the necessary resources to ensure that employees are taken care of.

Additionally, workers’ compensation claims can also be reduced by taking full advantage of employee input. Employees are on the front lines and often have good ideas about ways that can help improve safety and protect the health of workers. They may have other answers as well, such as how to get employees and supervisors to adhere to safety guidelines, how information can be effectively disseminated and how employees can keep each other accountable for following new safety plans. Involving employees from the top to the bottom can often help improve overall employee safety.

Employees who are injured on the job may choose to contact a workers’ compensation lawyer. This type of lawyer can explain the right to workers’ compensation and which particular benefits may be available to the claimant in a certain case. He or she represents the client’s interests by assisting with the claim and ensuring that all policies are followed to ensure the claim is processed correctly. If the worker is wrongfully denied benefits, workers’ compensation lawyers may be able to appeal the decision for reconsideration.