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August 2016 Archives

Computer work may lead to vision problems

Louisiana residents may be interested in a new study on the unwanted health effects of looking at digital device screens for excessive amounts of time. The Vision Council released a report that indicates that more than 60 percent of adults spend at least five hours on digital devices every day.

Defenses to workers' compensation claims

Most Louisiana workers who are injured while on the job are entitled to file a claim for workers' compensation benefits. The claim is then presented to the insurance company for further investigation before any benefits are paid out. While workers are generally entitled to benefits, this may not always be the case.

What does workers' compensation include?

Most people know that workers' compensation benefits are available to workers who are injured on the job. However, few people understand what the benefits include.

A common sense approach to workplace safety can save lives

Workplace accidents cost businesses billions of dollars each year, but the success of a campaign to improve construction site safety in Nevada indicates that many of the most common injuries could be prevented by a pragmatic common sense approach. Data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that the 10 leading causes of workplace injuries account for about 85 percent of injury-related costs, and employers in Louisiana and around the country are finding that education and training initiatives can help to reduce injuries associated with falls, overexertion and repetitive motion.

Autonomous technology could make road work safer

Road workers in Louisiana perform their work in a very hazardous environment. As motorists pass by, there is always the potential for a fast-moving vehicle to hit a crew member. To mitigate this danger, road crews place arrow boards and warning signs along the road leading up to a work site.