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July 2016 Archives

Workers' compensation claims and personal injury lawsuits

Louisiana residents may wonder why injured workers generally file workers' compensation claims rather than filing lawsuits against their employers. Workers' compensation legislation was introduced to provide a way for those who are injured on the job or who develop a work-related illness to receive monetary benefits regardless of who was at fault. Most injured workers require financial assistance promptly when they are no longer bringing in a paycheck, and litigation can be a lengthy and expensive process.

Injuries from falls create high disability costs

Slips, trips and falls can produce severe injuries that inflict long-term costs on people. In Louisiana and across the country, these accidents occur frequently at workplaces and in homes. When Liberty Mutual analyzed data about disability claims related to falls, the insurance company found that the injuries cost $15.57 billion annually.

Does Workers' Comp Cover Heat-Related Illness And Heat Stroke?

Those working outdoors and manual laborers feel the effects of summer and stifling heat more than probably anyone. They do not have the luxury of ducking into air conditioning on the hottest days of the summer and still have deadlines to meet.

Welding produces toxic metal fumes and gases

Welders in Louisiana are regularly exposed to a lot of hazards on the job. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, both fusion welders and pressure welders face risks associated with the gas byproducts and toxic metal fumes that are produced during welding.