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May 2016 Archives

List of dangerous jobs released

The data for the most dangerous occupations is now available for 2014, and Louisiana residents might fall into some of them. The fatality rates for various occupations are ranked by the amount of deaths that occurred for every 100,000 workers and are compiled by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Workplace injury data to be made public on OSHA's website

Louisiana employers may have more incentive to keep their workplaces safe thanks to a final rule that has been issued by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Beginning on Aug. 10, OSHA will require certain employers to submit data about workplace injuries and illnesses. OSHA will then post the data on its website for the public to see and also make the data available to researchers.

Workplace injury risk higher than numbers show

The Department of Labor has released statistics that could cause some concern for workers in Louisiana and around the coutntry. Data from 2014 showed an increase in fatalities and showed a significant problem remains with over 10,000 instances of severe workplace injuries, including amputations. According to OSHA, the reported number of injuries is likely much lower than the actual number. The cause is likely to be a misunderstanding of new reporting regulations. The general president of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters suggests that lax protection of workers' rights is partly to blame as well.

How to avoid a denied workers' comp claim

Unfortunately, many people face denied workers' comp claims every year. While the workers' compensation process is set up to protect workers and ensure that they are provided the compensation they need to cover medical bills and lost wages, the system can be complicated and one mistake can cause your entire petition to be denied.

Workplace fatalities rise in 2014

Based on final numbers updating the Census of Occupational Injuries, Louisiana workers may have been more likely to suffer a fatal injury in 2014 than in previous years. For the first time since 2010, the number of fatalities in American workplaces rose, and it is the highest number since 2008. The final number was 4,821, which translated into 3.4 fatalities for every 100,000 full-time equivalent employees.