May is National Electrical Safety Month

| Apr 19, 2016 | Workplace Injuries |

Louisiana electrical workers perform one of the nation’s most dangerous jobs. While they may be exposed to the greatest number of electrical hazards, workers in other occupations are also at risk for electricity-related injuries. When safety measures are not taken, sources of electricity have the potential to startl fires that can cause property damage as well as serious and sometimes fatal injuries.

The month of May is recognized as National Electrical Safety Month. Each year, the nonprofit Electrical Safety Foundation International commemorates National Electrical Safety Month by spreading awareness about electrical safety through a nationwide campaign. This year, a large collection of newly updated materials like fact sheets and electrical safety tips are available to help individuals, organizations and communities spread the word about electrical safety.

In addition to electrical safety data sheets, the ESFI offers free social media content and other media outreach materials. The ESFI believes that the number of electrical injuries and deaths can be significantly reduced if awareness is raised about electrical hazards. Electrical Safety Month 2016 will be the third year that the ESFI issues its publication, Electrical Safety Illustrated. The theme this year is ‘At Home and at Work: Make Electrical Safety Everyone’s Priority.”

A person who is injured in an electrical fire or another type of electrical accident at work might have the right to file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits. There are some cases where a non-employer third party is partially to blame for a workplace accident. In these cases, injured workers might want to meet with an attorney to see if filing a separate lawsuit is possible.