Taking precautions to avoid workplace injury

| Mar 7, 2016 | Workplace Injuries |

Louisiana employers can take precautions to make workplaces safer. They must prioritize employee health and safety over production quotas, and this will be less costly for them in the long run as well. Employees need to be able to work reasonable schedules that permit them to follow workplace protocol.

Safety equipment to protect sight and hearing as well as for lifting should be provided. Workers should also attend training days so that they know the importance of safety regulations and how to maintain equipment.

Supporting mental and physical health can make a big difference. Workplace violence is a major cause of fatalities in the workplace, and anger management programs can teach employees how to manage their emotions. Employees should also be taught to recognize and report signs of potential violence in others. Physical health can be encouraged by offering vouchers for gym membership or healthy food in the employee lunch room. An employee who is more physically healthy is less likely to become ill or injured on the job.

Falls in the workplace are a common cause of workplace injuries. This can mean people falling from a height or people tripping and falling in an area such as a corridor. Making sure employees wear safety harnesses when working in high places, keeping walkways clear of debris and cleaning spills promptly can all help prevent these types of accidents.

Not all injuries are the result of a single accident. People can develop carpal tunnel syndrome or other problems as the result of ongoing strains and stresses. Workers may be eligible to file for workers’ compensation benefits, but they may want to consult an attorney as well. For these types of repetitive injuries or those that occur over a period of time, an employer might try to deny that the condition is work-related, and an attorney may be helpful in a subsequent appeals hearing.