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March 2016 Archives

Louisiana workers with apnea more likely to be injured

A study indicates that individuals with sleep apnea may be more likely to be injured at work due to difficulties getting sufficient amounts of sleep. Sleep apnea is a condition where people's airways become blocked or collapse, which causes them to wake up. This may occur many times a night, although people may not always remember being woken up.

Shifting injury claims to workers' compensation

People from all walks of life can be affected by physical issues such as muscle strain. The diagnosis of soft-tissue injuries can also be challenging for health care providers in Louisiana. In some cases, these injuries might follow heavy physical activity such as sports. In other cases, they could occur in sedentary settings because of a slip-and-fall situation or the use of poor body position while handling supplies. In some cases, it could be difficult to determine whether work or leisure activity has contributed to a physical problem. In such vague cases, a health care provider might decide to process the treatment within the workers' compensation system if the patient is covered.

Taking precautions to avoid workplace injury

Louisiana employers can take precautions to make workplaces safer. They must prioritize employee health and safety over production quotas, and this will be less costly for them in the long run as well. Employees need to be able to work reasonable schedules that permit them to follow workplace protocol.

Do you know your legal options if you're injured in a car accident at work?

When most people think of workers' comp accidents, construction accidents and dangerous lifting come to mind. For the thousands of workers who spend their workday behind the wheel, however, car accidents are a daily risk.