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February 2016 Archives

Meat-processing industry hacking up workers

According to shocking new data gathered by a public health professor, the meat-processing industry in Louisiana and nationwide regularly butchers workers alongside animals. The information shows employees at Tyson Foods often lose fingertips and thumbs, and worker advocates claim that the injuries are evidence of industry-wide employer neglect.

Making respiratory protection safer and more comfortable

Many employees in Louisiana are exposed to dangerous substances at the workplace on a daily basis. According to the National Safety Council, there were about 15,000 cases of lost work days and 110 workplace deaths due to exposure to dangerous substances around the country during 2012. However, these numbers could be greatly reduced had these employees been compliant with OSHA's Respiratory Protection Standards.

OSHA says scissor lifts require safety precautions

According to the Occupational Health and Safety Administration, scissor lift users aren't the only people responsible for preventing the injuries and fatalities these devices can cause. OSHA studied more than thirty incidents that occurred in a single year and declared that they would not have occurred had employers remembered to institute precautions for stabilization, fall protection and positioning. The agency has noted that employers are responsible for adhering to safety guidelines and that employees in Louisiana and around the country have the right to expect working conditions that don't put them at risk.

Sources of damage to hands in Louisiana workplaces

Many people assume that rough or cracked skin on someone's hands is just a sign of a hard worker, but this type of skin damage can also indicate that the individual has a skin condition. Workers in many Louisiana occupations are often exposed to a variety of harsh and irritating substances, including everything from dust to harmful chemicals, and repeated contact may lead to a medical condition.

Lockouts and tagouts to protect workers

Many Louisianans work in jobs around machinery that uses hazardous energy sources to run. In order to protect workers from exposure to the hazardous energy used by the equipment, employers are supposed to have lockout and tagout procedures prepared in order to prevent accidental releases.