Workers’ compensation benefits in Louisiana

| Jan 5, 2016 | Workplace Injuries |

The claims process for workers’ compensation can be a quick process that gets employees back to work in an expedited manner. However, if not handled properly, this process can be a long and costly one. Some of the ways to help the process along include ensuring that the employee receives the proper type of medical attention, and that proper communication with employees is maintained.

Not all employees need to go to the emergency room, but other situations may require an individual receive long-term medical care. Sending employees to be interviewed by a nurse in a triage process can help ensure that employees are given the appropriate type of care from the start. Another benefit of the nurse triage process is that details can be collected related to the accident right after an incident took place. This makes it more likely that details will be accurate.

Keeping employees in the loop is also important. Employers should take statements from employees as quickly as possible and ensure that information related as a claim proceeds matches the employees’ original statements because people’s memories may become inaccurate as time goes by. If an organization ensures that employees know what the status of their claim is, people are less likely to feel the need to take action against their employer.

If someone has been injured at their job, they are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. However, direct and physical injuries are not the only types of harm that may qualify someone for benefits. Workers’ compensation might also cover repetitive stress injuries and psychological conditions. A lawyer could explain how to apply for these benefits, what is covered and what type of compensation they can expect.