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Winter work safety tips to abide by

Companies in Louisiana know that the fourth quarter of the year is often the busiest. This is largely because of the Christmas holiday when millions of Americans are buying gifts for family members, friends and colleagues. However, just because the sales floor may be getting busier doesn't mean that employers are exempt from keeping their workers safe.

As colder weather approaches, it is important to keep workers warm. This may be done by allowing them to dress in additional layers or bringing in warm drinks while working in cold environments. If employees are exposed to the cold for too long, they could develop frostbite or hypothermia. They may also become dehydrated, which means employers should allow workers frequent water or drink breaks. Employers should also recognize that cold weather could lead to slippery surfaces.

Therefore, floors should be kept free from excess moisture that could turn into ice or create slippery conditions for workers and customers alike. In addition to being kept dry, floors should be kept clear of obstructions that could create hazardous conditions while merchandise is being moved. Pallet rack systems should be checked and product should be stored in a safe manner regardless of how much may be kept in a particular location.

People who have been injured in a workplace accident may want to meet with an attorney in order to determine whether they are eligible to file a claim for benefits under their employer's workers' compensation coverage. Benefits can include the furnishing of medical care and treatment as well as a replacement of a percentage of wages lost during the recovery period.

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